Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We need to talk

One of my most thoroughly enjoyable pastimes is sitting down with some good people, who have no inhibitions and trading theories on various topics. In these talks, I normally end up crying with laughter, or glowing with insight.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Night's Watch and Ultrabooks

No hangover today, so I was able to do some painting. This started off as a self portrait, then as these things often go, it grew into some other entity without my consent. It reminds me a bit of the Night's Watch.

Below is a close up of the details. The most frustrating part of the whole image was trying to get the lips right. I think I must have redone them about 10 times, they almost became my bane.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Protozoans Of The Sketchbook

So these are some sketches from the sketchbook, with a bit of color thrown over the top. This first one was the result of sleeping on my rooftop terrace in Instanbul. It was about 4 or 5am when the friendly neighbourhood mosques decided to scream their ode to Allah, in the process waking me from my drunken slumber. My first thought was, " Did I just pay the kebab man 5 lira, or 50? " This is because the 5 and 50 note are quite similar in appearance.
I decided that the next day, as soon as my hangover had worn off I would rectify this problem by redesigning the money. This is one of the doodles I did for it.
I think it would be good to highlight women scholars from Turkish history, and encourage more women of today to pursue careers of their own, particularly in the Science and Education fields. Ulimately the public consensus should not be one that allows the objectification/ownership of women, regardless of culture or tradition. I think as a species we have outgrown those shackles. And this my friends is why I choose to draw Turkish titties - to liberate the women of the world.... and because titties are bouncy and joyous ..... so much better than testicles.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Defeated Artist

I came across a wiki page recently which gave a name to the phenomenon we call, delusions of grandeur.
Now scientifically labelled as Dunning-Kruger.

It made me think about the opposing end of the scale. Most of my closest friends are artists, and most of them have given up on their art. Either because they couldn't get work immediately, or weren't accepted into the Uni they wanted, or just because they don't believe they will ever be "good enough" no matter how hard they try. They've instead taken on rudimentary jobs or chosen some other field that is less creative and more tedious. And when a creative person is forced into a life of tedium, it shows, and they change somewhat to accommodate for the lack of creative outlets.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mids and Mods

Occasionally I like to compose, or at least do a sound sketch for my own projects. My instrument of choice is naturally the guitar, this is the instrument most people play, as it's easy to pick up and easy to access. Also similar to many basement guitar masters, I never learnt to read music or went to any training, instead I used tabs off the internet, my ear, and tips from friends and drunken hippies at those weekend parties where guitars inevitably end up. Regarding the Piano/keyboard - I am ham fisted. I play by ear and muscle memory and because of my limitations I play it very differently as I do the guitar.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seductive Skulls

My interest in skulls started a while ago when I had to draw one without reference.
When I finally checked my drawing against the real thing I was surprised at how wrong I had been. I was also surprised at how many variations there are. It's not so simple as just drawing a bony dome with some holes in it. Each age, sex and ethnicity has unique traits.

When I started collecting reference and learning about different skull types, my Girlfriend at the time angrily labelled me a racist, saying I was racially stereotyping. A nasty, gratuious and completely ridiculous accusation. I have yet to hear of a court case that labels forensic evidence as racist stereotyping when it's used to identify the victims remains. I'm interested in the details that make us all unique, and learning about them is very beneficial for one's art and understanding of human anatomy.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tech Dependency

These past few months have been a reality check for me. And have contributed somewhat unexpectedly to a growing distain, borderline abhorrence for technology dependency. I refer mostly to myself, and not the general public ( I don't care what other peole do with their time ). 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rovio and lots of snow

I don't get that many visitors to this blog, but I thought my lack of posting over the last few months deserved explanation. After a 3 month Holiday/job hunt in London England I've ended up in Helsinki Finland working at Rovio as a senior artist.

I finally got my apartment sorted and found my 5 year old second hand Wacom has thown in the towel, my laptop is on its last legs, I have no scanner, and my camera leaves much to be desired. So until I collect some fat pay cheques, I will remain out of commission as far as personal digital art goes.

(photo - snapped this shot of rovio studios walking back from lunch, cosy!)

Update: Just for the sake of those that may actually be applying at Rovio, or that don't know much about Finland I thought I would add this. A photo of my office block, from the neighbouring tower.
Yes that's our view!, and the yes the weather is mostly sunny and clear!