Friday, May 25, 2012

Tech Dependency

These past few months have been a reality check for me. And have contributed somewhat unexpectedly to a growing distain, borderline abhorrence for technology dependency. I refer mostly to myself, and not the general public ( I don't care what other peole do with their time ). 

My last post here in February is evidence to myself that I have used Tech dependency to get lazy towards my art. Digital cameras, scanners and Tablets are things I only started using since 2006, before that I was happy with pen, paper, and paint. And so were thousands of artists before me, stretching back thousands of years.  I don't entirely blame myself for falling into this trap: It's become the norm these days, apply for a job you get asked for an online portfolio.
you NEED an online portfolio
you NEED to use these certain programs to get the job done.
you NEED to be contactable via internet
and if you choose not to adhere to these vices, well then you don't get seen, you don't get work.

There are so few entertainment artists working in traditional mediums today, and I feel it's a pity. And most of all I feel ashamed that I would use my current situation ( no scanner, camera, tablet ) as some sort of reason to get lazy. Above are some sketches I did last week, getting back to pencil and paper. A few anotomy problems on the second one, will fix them as I keep working on it. also a quick color test, which I'm quite happy with, quite muted, more graphical.

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