Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rovio and lots of snow

I don't get that many visitors to this blog, but I thought my lack of posting over the last few months deserved explanation. After a 3 month Holiday/job hunt in London England I've ended up in Helsinki Finland working at Rovio as a senior artist.

I finally got my apartment sorted and found my 5 year old second hand Wacom has thown in the towel, my laptop is on its last legs, I have no scanner, and my camera leaves much to be desired. So until I collect some fat pay cheques, I will remain out of commission as far as personal digital art goes.

(photo - snapped this shot of rovio studios walking back from lunch, cosy!)

Update: Just for the sake of those that may actually be applying at Rovio, or that don't know much about Finland I thought I would add this. A photo of my office block, from the neighbouring tower.
Yes that's our view!, and the yes the weather is mostly sunny and clear!