Sunday, December 2, 2012

Night's Watch and Ultrabooks

No hangover today, so I was able to do some painting. This started off as a self portrait, then as these things often go, it grew into some other entity without my consent. It reminds me a bit of the Night's Watch.

Below is a close up of the details. The most frustrating part of the whole image was trying to get the lips right. I think I must have redone them about 10 times, they almost became my bane.

This week I purchased an Ultra book, a Zenbook 32vd. About 3 years ago I got my first laptop especially so that I could do freelance while I traveled. It's a clunker but it managed to do the job and I did complete a few contracts, which kept me afloat until a studio position opened. Now I've upgraded to a machine that should be at least twice as powerful in regards to PS and digital painting, half the thickness/weight, and double the resolution. ( will comment more on it once I've tested it )

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