Monday, October 29, 2012

Protozoans Of The Sketchbook

So these are some sketches from the sketchbook, with a bit of color thrown over the top. This first one was the result of sleeping on my rooftop terrace in Instanbul. It was about 4 or 5am when the friendly neighbourhood mosques decided to scream their ode to Allah, in the process waking me from my drunken slumber. My first thought was, " Did I just pay the kebab man 5 lira, or 50? " This is because the 5 and 50 note are quite similar in appearance.
I decided that the next day, as soon as my hangover had worn off I would rectify this problem by redesigning the money. This is one of the doodles I did for it.
I think it would be good to highlight women scholars from Turkish history, and encourage more women of today to pursue careers of their own, particularly in the Science and Education fields. Ulimately the public consensus should not be one that allows the objectification/ownership of women, regardless of culture or tradition. I think as a species we have outgrown those shackles. And this my friends is why I choose to draw Turkish titties - to liberate the women of the world.... and because titties are bouncy and joyous ..... so much better than testicles.

And well, there is nothing special about this next one. I just happen to like drawing girls in little white panties.
I also recently saw a collection of Klimt's sketches at the Getty in Los Angeles and got very inspired to try more human figures with muted tones, and also play around with graphic elements. The Turkish designs are a good source of inspiration and material for that sort of thing.

And lastly, some face studies for the final image I need to do, to complete my illustrated novella. It's an image which has been bugging me from the start, and I left it out of the first draft because it eluded me so. But the feedback I got from publishers was that this image was needed, and that it was worth the time and struggle to get it done.

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