Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Deuterostomes and comets

Here is a self portrait, inspired by those awkward family photos that can be found strewn about through out the interweb. In this alternative universe I am already bald, and I imagine I am a salesman of some sort, perhaps I sell second hand refrigerators, working for my father-in-law. My honey bunny is with child, our first. If it is a boy we will give it a plain name such as Daryl and for a girl, perhaps Susan is normal enough.

About the title of this post: Humans and many other animals are Deuterostomes, this means that we begin life as an asshole, and slowly we grow and form into fully functional human beings. The opposite is called a Protostome and they begin forming from the mouth and head. I think this explains a lot, considering that everybody you know was once a complete asshole; and some still are.
For more info: wiki, google, books.

From Biology to Cosmology now: A few weeks ago I saw my first ever comet. Not just a shooting star but and actual comet that entered the atmosphere, blazed for a few seconds then exploded and fizzled away. Because of the timing, I'm guessing it may have been a part of Ison, which arrived a couple days afterwards.
An amazing thing to witness, makes you feel closer to the rest of the universe.

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