Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Heinlein Book Covers

Some thumbnail cover concepts I did last night. I've enjoyed so many of Heinlein's books, I think I could possibly write one myself. I would love to have the chance to actually produce covers for his books, but for some reason, publishers and agents I have approached for this purpose either ignore me, or tell me cover art contracts are only given to artists who have already done published cover art, which seems mighty rediculous.

A quick rant.
To show an example of the dichotomy that exsists between those that make art, and those that require art. I was once told that my CV had not been short listed for a contract, and the reason given was,"Your portfolio is great, but we are looking for somebody that can draw characters with big eyes."
another time the reason was,"Great stuff but we are looking for somebody who can draw dogs."
Obviously because I don't have a portfolio full of dogs, or characters with big eyes,
Or Dogs with big eyes? the employers assumed these were simply impossible subject matters for me to produce.

Dropped some color and texture on the thumbnails.

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