Monday, August 11, 2014

Lumix GH3

A few weeks ago I got myself a brand spanking new GH3, which I've wanted since the GH2 was released.
Get ready for the family vacation slide show!

Although I am now an Illustrator/concept artist/game artist, my career actually began in film. Concept art was more like a hobby at that point, I used to draw and illustrate all the story boards and art for the films I wanted to make. Those images were seen by a games company in Melbourne and they offered me my first real concept art gig. Since my films were not paying the bills I followed the path of least resistance and ended up where I am today. It's been an awesome ride with lots of unexpected life changing events.
But now I feel it is time to get back in to my first love. And so I obtained a GH3 to familiarize myself with my old friend, film.

I would love to write up a full review on the GH3, and may do so at a later date once I have fully acquainted myself with its loveliness. For now I can only show some snap shots.
I recently spent a few days gallivanting around the mountains, climbing, exploring caves, examining skulls and getting rained on. Normally my adventures centre around alcohol in strange new places. However this time because of the amount of activity I would be doing, I decided against the alcohol and took the healthy, no vomit, no hangover route.

I snapped so many images I could have put a Japanese tour group to shame, %99 of which are utter crap. Never the less I learnt a lot about the camera, and in a more artistic/aesthetic sense, what works and what doesn't.

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