Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Carpark Horror

The Carpark Horror was a short film I shot a few years ago.
Unfortunatly all the original tapes were lost when the place I was editing decided to suddenly close down. The copies I had were down graded a few generations, across many formats, and only meant to be used as a way for me to do a quick edit on my home PC before using the Avid system at the film facility. Also so that the composer Jessica Wells could have a rough copy to begin scoring the original sound track. The final film was 9 minutes long. Filmed over two nights in a parking garage in central Auckland, and cost approx $350 NZD. Two Varicams were used, and I had access to some wonderful lenses. The only onscreen talent was Alireza Moeinian, who’s performance was so inspired that he recieved several job offers for more onscreen work, though he kindly refused. The Composer Jessica Wells also did an outstanding score that I will endevour to make available for listening.

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