Friday, April 15, 2011

Lord of The Rings - Card Art

Here are two Lord of The Rings enviroment concepts I did last year sometime.
For Fantasy Flight Games. Both concepts were done for the same enviroment, the snowy mountains were droped because some research revealed the enviroment should be free of snow and plants. So I went ahead with the concept on the left. The final image will be included in the latest LOTR games pack, released this month I believe. Nothing spectacular, and I think the print will be only 3 inches or smaller in size. Stil, always fun to work on LOTR stuff.


Walaaa, the card as it appears on line. " The Doors of Armon Lanc " was the original title of this piece, now it appears to be called something else. I don't know when this was released, I actually found it by accident, when I was searching my name online in regards to something else.

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